11 January 2023

A scientific visit of students of the Department of Special Education from the Faculty of Educational Sciences to Princess Taghrid Center for Measurement & Diagnosis

The Department of Special Education, in cooperation with the Center for Counseling and Special Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, organized a scientific visit to the Princess Taghrid Center for Measurement & Diagnosis, on Monday, 9 Jan 2023, accompanied by Dr. Nazem Kandil - Director of the Center for Counseling and Special Education. The students were received by Dr. Haneen Al-Hiasat, the Academic and Technical Supervisor of Princess Taghrid Center for Measurement & Diagnosis. The visit aimed to develop the students' professional growth in the field of measurement and diagnosis, working with individuals with disabilities, and working within a team with multiple specialties, where such visits contribute to helping students acquire various knowledge, field experiences, and technical skills, by linking theoretical knowledge with practical application, and providing students with the opportunity to discover their abilities, desires and learn more about the needs of the labor market. A brief about the center and its history was presented, and the students were introduced to diagnostic kits, attended measurement and diagnostic sessions, and were also briefed on how to write diagnostic reports by the multiple specialties team. This scientific visit came in response to the objectives of the strategic plan of the faculty, which aims to reach out to the local community and encourage participation in scientific activities for students to gain field experience and skills in the field of specialization.

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