Dr. Omran Hassan

Associate Professor

Major: Graphic Design

Departemnt: Multimedia and Graphic Design Department

Faculty: Faculty of Architecture and Design



Extention: 2216



  • Computer Graphic design
  • typography 1
  • Typography 2
  • Drawing 2
  • Graduation Project (1)
  • Graduation Project (2)
  • Packaging Design
  • Computer Graphics (1)
  • Computer Graphics (2)
  • Computer Graphics (4)
  • History of Islamic Art
  • printmaking
  • Trademark and logo design and Application
  • Arabic Calligraphy and Ornamentation
  • History of Graphic Design


Rank University Country Date
Associate Professor Minia University Egypt 2017


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
Phd Minia University Graphic - Printed Design مصر March / 2010
Masters Degree Minia University Graphic - Printed Design مصر April / 2004
Bachelors Degree Minia University Graphic - Printed Design مصر July / 1997


Job Title Institute Time Period
Vice Dean Faculty of Architecture & Design - Al-Ahliyya Amman University September / 2018 - January / Present


  • Contemporary Drawing techniques
  • Contemporary printmaking arts
  • Arabic Typography Design
  • Digital Technologies in Contemporary Printing Design
  • visual aesthetics


  • Omran Mohamed Ahmed Hassan (2022) Factors Affecting the Artist's Academic Performance and its Role in Enriching Scientific Research-Based on Artistic Work Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences, Volume 49, Issue 5, Pages 542 - 555 -2022
  • (2021) العوامل المؤثرة على أداء الفنانة الأكاديمية في إثراء الأبحاث العلمية القائمة على العمل الفني المرأة في الاكاديميا,
  • Omran M. Hassan (2020) A Graphical Vision of Aesthetics of Al-Quds Architecture through the Digital Technology International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology , Vol. 29, No. 7s, (2020), pp. 2819-2838
  • Omran Mohammad Ahmad Hassan (2018) Digital Techniques and Their Role in Contemporary Graphic Art Arts and Design Studies ISSN 2224-6061 (Paper) ISSN 2225-059X (Online) , Vol.67, 2018
  • (2016) تصميم الخطوط الطباعية اللاتينية وأثرها على تصميم الخط الطباعي العربي الحديث - كلية الفنون التطبيقيةالمؤتمر الدولي الرابع,
  • Dr. Da’ad Mufleh, Dr. Omran Hassan and Dr. Ra’Ed K. QaQish (2016) APPLYING THE IMAGE OF TITANIUM-MADE MEDICAL AND MILITARY PRODUCTS IN POLITICAL POSTERS FOR ACHIEVING SECURITY AND WORLD PEACE International Journal of Graphics and Multimedia (IJGM), ISSN Print: 0976 - 6448 and ISSN Online
  • (2012) " القيم التشكيلية للطبعة الفنية من خلال القوالب الطباعية المجمعة " دراسة تحليلية مؤتمر : الفن وثقافة الآخر " –,


Conference Title Type of Participation Location Date
المرأة في الاكاديميا Paper/Poster الجامعة الاردنية January / 2021
- كلية الفنون التطبيقيةالمؤتمر الدولي الرابع Paper/Poster مصر – جامعة حلوان February / 2016
مؤتمر : الفن وثقافة الآخر " – Paper/Poster كلية الفنون الجميلة جامعة المنيا March / 2012


Title Location Date
Functional and Aesthetic Exchange Between Interior design and Graphic design: Commercial Space as a Case Study. Al-Ahliyya Amman University 2022
The Effect of Multisensory Design on the Behavior of Autistic Children in Healthcare Centers. Al-Ahliyya Amman University 2022
Modular Furniture Design in the Light of Physical Distancing of Open-Plan Work Offices "Case Study: Admission and Registration Department Al-Ahliyya Amman University 2022
Utilizing 3D Printing Technologies in Furniture Design. Al-Ahliyya Amman University 2021


Title Location Date
عمل فني جرافيكي egypt 2013

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