Dr. Mazin Arabasy

Assistant Professor

Major: Interior Design

Departemnt: Interior Design Department

Faculty: Faculty of Architecture and Design



Extention: 2290



  • Shade & Perspictive
  • Architectural drawing
  • Using Computer for drawing 1 "AutoCAD"
  • Commercial interior design
  • Technical workshops and making models
  • Interior design 3
  • Graduation Project 1
  • Graduation Project 2
  • Construction and Internal Structures
  • Professional Practice and ٍSpecification
  • Tourist Interior Design
  • The Internal Environment and User Behavior
  • Material technology and specifications
  • Project management and quantities
  • Field Training
  • Lighting and sound design
  • Technical equipment for buildings
  • Interior Design Strategies
  • Postgraduate supervision
  • Human and behavioral considerations in interior design
  • Contemporary issues in interior design
  • Interior design projects management


Rank University Country Date
Assistant Professor Al-Ahliyya Amman University Jordan 2019


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
دكتوراة Sudan University of Sience & Technology Interior Design السودان May / 2019
Masters Degree Yarmouk Univesity Plastic Art August / 2010
Bachelors Degree Yarmouk Univesity Interior Design June / 2004


Job Title Institute Time Period
Interior Designer & Project Manager Al Ahliyya for Tourism Investments Company January / 2021 - January / Present
Re-design the interior of Al Mansi hotel suites Free Lancer July / 2020 - May / 2021


  • Interior Design
  • Furniture Design
  • Color Therapy
  • Project Manager
  • Color Professional


  • The sudden adoption of online education during the COVID-19 pandemic has presented numerous obstacles and challenges to the educational process at universities, particularly for applied disciplines that heavily rely on practical activities and direct interaction between teachers and students. As online education, in the form of blended learning, has continued partially even after the pandemic, it became crucial to conduct an in-depth study and evaluation of this method of education. The problem addressed in this study revolves around the importance of evaluating online education for practical subjects in the field of interior design and understanding its impact on student outcomes' effectiveness. By comprehending this impact, it becomes possible to identify methods for evaluating and enhancing the quality of this type of education. In this study, a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of the learning outcomes of 47 students were conducted to measure and compare their efficiency. The research adopted a case study approach to examine the effectiveness of the instructional methods employed. By examining the outcomes of these students, valuable insights were gained into the effectiveness of the teaching approaches and their impact on student learning. The study employed robust data analysis techniques to ensure a thorough assessment of the efficiency of the learning outcomes. The study recommends maintaining distance learning between the teacher and the student during face-to-face education. It also recommends creating platforms for educational and virtual laboratories to be used when needed. (2024) (A comparative study about the efficiency of interior design education before and during the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic) مجلة البلقاء للبحوث والدراسات, Volume 27, Issue 2, Year 2024
  • د. رحاب صلاح الدين غنيم د. مازن عبد الرحيم عرباسي (2024) دور الأعمال الفنية للتصميم المعماري في إبراز الهوية العربية مجلة البلقاء للبحوث والدراسات, Volume 27, Issue 1, Year 2024
  • معتز زيد الشوابكة1، رحاب صلاح الدين غنيم2، د. مازن عبد الرحيم عرباسي 3 (2023) استخدام نمذجة البناء في تحسين عملية التصميم الداخلي Dirasat: Human and Social Sciences, مقبول للنشر
  • (2022) Arabized Smart Applications and Its Impact on Reducing Energy Consumption in the Residential Area International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT'2022),
  • Mazin Arabasy (2022) أهمية التصميم الداخلي للمنزل في تلبية احتياجات الساكنين عند الظروف الاستثنائية في الأردن - "أزمة فايروس كورونا مثالا" مجلة دراسات - عدد العلوم الانسانية والاجتماعية, قبول نشر
  • أ. د. "محمد أشرف" عبد العزيز الخطاط (2022) الطرز الإسلامية المعمارية كمثير إبداعي في تصميم المدارس (بحث تطبيقي ميداني لمدارس المرحلة الأساسية في الأردن) مجلة دراسات - عدد العلوم الانسانية والاجتماعية, قبول نشر
  • مازن عبد الرحيم عرباسي 1 مصطفى عبده محمد خير 2 شهريار عبعبد القادر محمود 3 (2019) أثر المعالجات اللونية على البنية الوظيفية للتصميم الداخلي من وجهة نظر المتلقي الأردني SUST Journal of Humanities Vol.02. No. 0 June (2019) , 52-66
  • د. مازن عبد الرحيم عرباسي/ أ.د. مصطفى عبده محمد خير/ د. شهريار عبد القادر محمود (2019) أثر المعالجات اللونية على البنية الجمالية للتصميم الداخلي من وجهة نظر المصمم الداخلي الأردني مجلة العلوم الانسانية, Vol.20, No. 3, Year 2019, Pages 157-185

Published Books:

  • (2013) النجارة والديكور (الرسم الصناعي) المستوى الثالث/ للمرحلة الثانوية وزارة التربية والتعليم/ إدارة المناهج والكتب المدرسية
  • (2013) النجارة والديكور (الرسم الصناعي) المستوى الثالث/ للمرحلة الثانوية (الفرع الصناعي) وزارة التربية والتعليم/ إدارة المناهج والكتب المدرسية


Conference Title Type of Participation Location Date
International Arab Conference on Information Technology (ACIT'2022) Paper/Poster Abu Dhabi November / 2022
المرأة في الأكاديميا Attendance أونلاين January / 2021


Title Location Date
Layout and Display Techniques as a Commercial Tool in Retail Stores Interior Design. Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2023
The Effect of Using Smart Applications in the Interior Design of Schools on Students' Behavior Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2023
The Effect of using Smart applications in the interior Design of the Tourism Facilities Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2023
A Comparative Study Between Traditional Interior Designing and Artificial Intelligence Process. Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2023
Developing the Interior Design Materials Technology Course in Jordanian Universities in Line with the Requirements of the Labor Market Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2023
The impact of the interior design of reform and rehabilitation centers on the behavior of inmates. Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2023
The Effect of Interior Design Elements in Elderly Homes on the Satisfaction of its Users. Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2023
Spatial Design Adequacy and Visual Comfort in Waiting Spaces and Their Role in Private Medical Clinics in Jordan. Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2023
The Development of Interior Design Elements due to Modern Technologies and their Impact on the User. Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2021
Smart interior design and its impact on children's behavior in multi-purpose halls Al_Ahliyya Amman University 2021


Title Location Date
Distinguished Project Manager Award Dawacom Pharmacy Chain 2021
Thank You Document Al Ahliyya Amman University 2021

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