Dr. Dana Amro

Associate Professor

Major: Interior Design

Departemnt: Interior Design Department

Faculty: Faculty of Architecture and Design



Extention: 2562



  • Design Fundamentals (1).
  • Design Fundamentals (2).
  • Principles of Interior Design
  • Interior Space Planning and Rendering
  • Residential Interior Design
  • Administrative & Environmental Interior Design
  • Commercial Interior Design
  • Textiles and Accessories
  • Materials Technology
  • Psychology in Interior Architecture
  • Research Methods
  • Plumbing and Air Conditioning.
  • Construction details in Interior design.
  • History of Interior Design & Architecture.
  • Contemporary Topics in interior design
  • Design and Marketing.
  • Graduation Project (1).
  • Graduation Project (1).
  • Landscape.
  • Research Methodology in Architecture.


Rank University Country Date
Assistant Professor AAU Jordan 2015


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
دكتوراة Universiti Sains Malaysia Interior Design ماليزيا December / 2014
Masters Degree MEU Design management June / 2009
Bachelors Degree Applid Science University June / 2002


Job Title Institute Time Period
Academic Al-Ahliyya Amman University August / 2022 - January / Present
Academic University of Sharjah August / 2018 - August / 2021
Interior Design Department Chair Al-Ahliyya Amman University September / 2016 - August / 2017
Assistant Professor Amman Al-Ahliyya University January / 2015 - August / 2018
Instructor Amman Al-Ahlyya University June / 2011 - August / 2012
Instructor Applied Science University June / 2010 - June / 2011


  • interior design
  • Sustainability and Interior Design
  • interior environment
  • Culture, heritage & design
  • interior architecture
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Furniture and product design


  • DK Amro, A Sukkar, MW Yahia, MK Abukeshek (2023) Evaluating the Cultural Sustainability of the Adaptive Reuse of Al-Nabulsi Traditional House into a Cultural Center in Irbid, Jordan Sustainability, 15 (17), 13198
  • DK Amro (2022) The Impact of COVID‐19 Lockdown on Design Students’ Performance Case Study in the UAE International Journal of Art & Design Education , 41 (1), 108-124
  • Amro, D. K., & Ammar, S (2018) The Role of University Education in Directing Architects towards Conserving the Sustainability of the Urban Cultural Heritage (Comparative Study) Al-Balqa Journal of Research and Studies, 21(2), 87 - 108
  • (2016) The Role of University Education in Directing Architects towards Conserving the Sustainability of the Urban Cultural Heritage (Comparative Study). 5th Jordan International Architectural Conference,
  • (2014) An Analysis of Interior Space Planning Design and Residents’ Privacy of Contemporary Courtyard Houses in Amman, Jordan. {in}arch International Conference, "Interiority and Interior Architecture,
  • (2014) Sustainable Architectural and Cultural Elements Impact on Residents Quality of Life of Jordanian Contemporary Courtyard Houses. 5th International Graduate Conference on Engineering, Science and Humanities,
  • (2014) Analysis of the Architectural Elements in Traditional Courtyard Houses in Irbid, Jordan. Postgraduate Conference in Built Environment,
  • (2014) Cultural Values on Traditional Islamic-Arabic Houses in the Middle-East the International Conference on Islamic Business, Art, Culture & Communication,,

Published Books:

  • (2015) Contemporary courtyard houses in Amman, Jordan Scholar's Press


Conference Title Type of Participation Location Date
Mediterranean Green Buildings and Renewable Energy Forum Participate in the organization of Conference Italy September / 2019
World Renewable Energy Congress WREC 2018. Participate in the organization of Conference UK July / 2018
5th Jordan International Architectural Conference Paper/Poster Amman-Jordan November / 2016
5th International Graduate Conference on Engineering, Science and Humanities Paper/Poster Malaysia August / 2014
the International Conference on Islamic Business, Art, Culture & Communication, Paper/Poster Malaysia August / 2014
{in}arch International Conference, "Interiority and Interior Architecture Paper/Poster Indonesia September / 2014
Postgraduate Conference in Built Environment Paper/Poster Malaysia December / 2014


Title Location Date
The Effect of Green Roofs on Indoor Environment Quality of Administrative Buildings in Jordan (Applied Study by Using Simulation) AAU 2023
Adaptive Reuse of Heritage Buildings by Using Multi-Criteria Decision Making in Salt City, Jordan AAU 2022
Plants Selection for Green Walls and their Impact on Indoor Air Quality in Administrative Buildings in Jordan AAU 2022
An Assessment Study of Interior Design Finishes Emissions in New Residential Building in Jordan AAU 2022
Analysis of Contemporary Courtyards Houses by Using Biophilic Design (Experimental Study of Iraqi Houses) AAU 2022


Title Location Date
Top cited article 2021-2022 WILEY (John Wiley & Sons, Inc).NY, United States 2023

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