Dr. Hanan Albataineh

Assistant Professor

Major: Pharmaceutical sciences

Departemnt: Cosmetic Science Department

Faculty: Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences



Extention: -



Rank University Country Date
Assistant Professor AAU Jordan 2023
Assistant Professor Al-Ahliyya Amman University Jordan 2023


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
ماجستير Jordan University of science and Technology Pharmaceutical sciences الأردن July / 2014
دكتوراة The university of Misiissippi Pharmaceutical sciences الولايات المتحدة الأمريكية August / 2022
بكالوريوس Jordan University of science and Technology Pharmaceutical sciences الأردن July / 2009


Job Title Institute Time Period
Postdoctoral Fellow Georgia institute of Technology September / 2022 - August / 2023
Teaching assisstant The University of Mississippi August / 2021 - January / 2022
Lecturer Faculty of Pharmacy, Yarmouk University September / 2015 - July / 2017
Lecturer Faculty of Pharmacy, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan August / 2014 - August / 2015


  • Nicole Aiosa, Anupama Sinha, Dr. Hanan Albataineh, Ashlee M. Phillips, Dr. Catherine M. Mageeney, Delaney S. Wilde, Dr. Kelly P. Williams, Dr. Nicole M. Collette, Dr. Steven S. Branda, Prof. Dr. Neha Garg (2023) Whole‐Cell MALDI‐ToF MS Coupled with Untargeted Metabolomics Facilitates Investigations of Microbial Chemical Interactions ChemBioChem, 24(7)
  • Ahearne, A.*, Albataineh, H.*, Dowd, S. E., & Stevens, D. C. (2021) Assessment of Evolutionary Relationships for Prioritization of Myxobacteria for Natural Product Discovery Microorganisms, 9(7),1367
  • Albataineh, H., Duke, M., Misra, S. K., Sharp, J. S., & Stevens, D. C. (2021) Identification of a Solo Acylhomoserine Lactone Synthase from the Myxobacterium Archangium gephyra. Scientific Reports, 11(1),1-10.
  • Adaikpoh, B. I., Akbar, S., Albataineh, H., Misra, S. K., Sharp, J. S., & Stevens, D. C. (2020) Myxobacterial Response to Methyljasmonate Exposure Indicates Contribution to Plant Recruitment of Micropredators Frontiers in Microbiology, 11,34. , 11,34
  • Albataineh, H., & Stevens, D. (2018) Marine Myxobacteria: A Few Good Halophiles Marine Drugs, 16(6),209
  • lzoubi, K. H., Rawashdeh, N. Q., Khabour, O. F., El-Elimat, T.,Albataineh, H., AlZghool, H. M., & Alali, F. Q (2017) Evaluation of the Effect of Moringa peregrina Extract on Learning and Memory: Roleof Oxidative Stress Journal of Molecular Neuroscience, 63, 355–363
  • Alali, F., El-Elimat, T.,Albataineh, H., Al-Balas, Q., Al-Gharaibeh, M., Falkinham, J. O., Chen, W., Swanson, S. M., & Oberlies, N. H. (2015) Cytotoxic Homoisoflavones from the Bulbs of Bellevalia eigii Journal of Natural Products, 78(7), 1708-1715

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