Prof. Dr. Ghaleb Oriquat


Major: Biochemistry

Departemnt: Medical Laboratory Sciences Department

Faculty: Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences


Extention: 2186



  • Biochemistry 1, 2
  • Clinical biochemistry
  • Biochemistry 2
  • General Chemistry 1,2
  • General Biochemistry
  • Seminar in advanced scientific researches


Rank University Country Date
Professor Al-Ahliyya Amman University Jordan 2019


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
ماجستير Kuwait University Biochemistry الكويت March / 1986
دكتوراة Alexandria university Clinical Biochemistry مصر November / 2007
بكالوريوس Kuwait University Biochemistry الكويت December / 1978


Job Title Institute Time Period
Dean faculty of Allied Medical Sciences Al Ahliyya Amman University September / 2019 - September / 2020
Dean of Faculty of Pharmacy and Medical Science Al-Ahliyya Amman University September / 2011 - September / 2019
Dean of Faculty of Nursing Al-Ahliyya Amman University September / 2009 - September / 2011
Teaching in the university Al-Ahliyya Amman University September / 1991 - January / Present


  • Ghaleb Oriquat; Mark Sanders (2020) Comparative pharmacokinetics of salbutamol inhaled from a pressurized metered dose inhaler either alone or connected to a newly enhanced spacer design European Journal of pharmaceutical Sciences, volume 147
  • Ghaleb A Oriquat, Mennatallah A Ali, Shimaa A Mahmoud, Rania MHM Eid, Rania Hassan, Maher A Kamel (2019) Improving hepatic mitochondrial biogenesis as a postulated mechanism for the antidiabetic effect of Spirulina platensis in comparison with metformin Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 44 Issue 4 Pages 357-364 ,2019
  • Anwar Maraqa; Ziad A. Shraideh; Ashok K. Shakya; Rajashri R. Naik; Zaha A. ElAgbar; Ghaleb A. Oriquat , (2017) Protective effects of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Beta-carotene against Nicotine induced oxidative damage to urinary system of albino rats Fresenius Environmental Bulletin, , , 26 (2a), 1389-1396
  • Rajashri R. Naik, Ashok K. Shakya, Nooman A. Khalaf, Sawsan Abuhamdah, Galib A. Oriquat, Anwar Maraqa. (2015) GC-MS analysis and biological evaluation of essential oil of Zanthoxylum rhesta (Roxb.) DC pericarp. Jordan J. Pharm. Sciences, , 2015, 8, 181-193
  • Ghaleb Ali Oriquat, Tahia H Saleem, Rajashri R Naik, Howaida A Nafady, Samy A Abedel Aziz (2013) SUBCHRONIC TOXIC EFFECTS OF CADMIUM IN A RAT MODEL Fresenius Environmental Bulletin Fresenius Environmental Bulletin; , 22, 1054-1060
  • Ghaleb A Oriquat, Tahia H Saleem, Rajashri R Naik, Said Z Moussa, Reda M Al-Gindy , (2012) A Sub-Chronic Toxicity Study of Mercuric Chloride in the Rat Jordan J. Biol. Sci., 5 (2), 141-146
  • Ghalib Ali Oriquat, Tahia H. Saleem, Samir T, Abdullah, Gamal T. Soliman, Reda S. Yousef, Abdellah M. Adel Hameed and Maher L. Salim (2011) Soluble CD14, Sialic Acid and L-Fucose in Breast Milk and their Role in Increasing the Immunity of Breast-Fed Infants American Journal of Biochemistry and Biotechnology , 7 (1): 21-28
  • Hisham Y. Al-Matubsi, , Reem A. Kanaan, Reem A. Kanaan, Farqad Hamdan, Maher Salim, Ghaleb A. Oriquat, Othman A. Al-Hanbali (2011) Smoking practiceS in Jordanian people and their impact on Semen quality and hormonal levels among adult men Cent Eur J Public Health , 19 (1): 54–59
  • Hosny Elewa, Zeinab Al-Kasaby Zalat, Ghaleb Oriquat, Rowaida Rifaat, Wessam El-Hadidy, Saad Yacoub (2011) Low-dose captopril and antioxidant combination as adjunct therapy in type-2 diabetic patients with coronary artery disease: A preliminary study Journal of Diabetology, 3:1
  • H.Y. Al-Matubsi, (2010) Activities of cyclooxygenases, and levels of prostaglandins E2 and F2alfa in fetopathy associated with experimental diabetic gestation Diabetes & Metabolism, 36, 43–50
  • M. D. SALIM, HISHAM Y. AL-MATUBSI, AHMED S. EL-SHARAKY, MAHER A-N KAMEL, GHALEB A. ORIQUAT, MADIHA H. HELMY, EMAD A. EL-BASSIOUNI (2009) The levels of vascular endothelial growth factor-A and placental growth factor-2 in embryopathy associated with experimental diabetic gestation Growth Factors, 27(1): 32–39
  • Sallal, A.-K.J., Nimer, N.A., Al-Oriquat, Ghaleb (1990) Inhibition of photosystem II in Chlorogloeopsis fritschii with shikonin acetate FEBS Letters, 263 (2), Pages 248-250
  • Afzal, M., Al-Oriquat, G. (1986) Shikonin Derivatives, Part VI. Chemical Investigations of Arnebia decumbens Agricultural and Biological Chemistry, Volume 50, Issue 6, January 1986, Pages 1651-1652
  • Afzal, M.; Al-Oriquat, Ghaleb (1986) 13C- and Proton-NMR spectra of sesquiterpenoid and related phytoalexins Heterocycles, Volume 24, Issue 10, 1 October 1986, Pages 2943-2961
  • Afzal, M.; Al-Oriquat, Ghaleb (1986) Proton magnetic resonance spectra of pterocarpan and related phytoalexins Heterocycles, Volume 24, Issue 10, Pages 2911-2941


Conference Title Type of Participation Location Date
1 st conference of the unit imbalance in metabolism and fetal diseases Attendance Assiut University May / 2016


Title Location Date
NA 2019


Title Location Date
NA 2019

Al-Ahliyya Amman University



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