Dr. Eyad Shaban

Assistant Professor

Major: Ph. D. in Strategic Management

Departemnt: Business Administration Department

Faculty: Business School




Extention: 2190



  • Strategic Management


Rank University Country Date
Assistant Professor Al-Ahiyya Amman University Jordan 2020


Degree Institute Specialization Country Date
ماجستير The University of Jordan MBA - Business Administration الأردن August / 1997
بكالوريوس Al-Ahliyya Amman University Banking and Finance الأردن June / 1994
Phd Mutah University Ph.D. in Strategic Management الأردن July / 2020


Job Title Institute Time Period
General Manager Consultant Jordan United Investment Company January / 2013 - January / Present


  • Naser Khdour, Eyad A. Shaban, Zeyad Alkhazali, Atef T. Al Raoush (2022) The Impact of Sustainable Resource Practices on Employee Behavior: The Case of Pharmaceutical Sector in Jordan Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, Volume 28, Special Issue 2, 2022 28(S2), 1 - 15
  • Tamara Mahmoud al-Qaruty, Mohammad Nadem Dabbaghia, Eyad A. Shaban, Jamal Al-Doori (2022) The Digital transformation of human resources and its impact on the organizational strategic sustainability: the mediating role of the conscious leadership International Journal of Health Sciences, 6(S7), 4320 – 4344 (2022)
  • Jamal Ahmed Al-Doori, Naser Khdour, Eyad A. Shaban, Tamara Mahmoud al Qaruty (2021) How COVID-19 influences the Food Supply Chain: An Empirical Investigation of Developing Countries International Journal of Technology, 12(2) 371-377 (2021)
  • Eyad A. Shaban, May Mousa Ahmad (2021) The Competition Between Global Universities for World-Class Ranking Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, Volume 24, Special Issue 1, 2021
  • Eyad A. Shaban (2021) The Process of Building A World-Class Educational System in Jordan Journal of Legal, Ethical and Regulatory Issues, Volume 24, Special Issue 2, 2021
  • Eyad A. Shaban (2020) The Impact of Leadership Styles in Enhancing Quality Culture A Field Study in Institutions that have won the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence Al-Balaqa Journal for Research & Studies , 33(1), 2020

Published Books:

  • (2010) Total Quality Management Zehran House for Publishing and Distribution

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