26 November 2023

The Faculty of Pharmacy Conducts "OSCE ORIENTATION" Workshop (1)

The Department of Clinical and Biopharmaceutical Pharmacy, under the leadership of Dr. Lubna Gharaibeh at the Faculty of Pharmacy, organized a workshop titled "OSCE ORIENTATION" in collaboration with the Jordan Pharmacists Association (JPA). Participating in the workshop were medical faculties across the university, graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy, and fellow pharmacists from external institutions actively involved in training pharmacy students. Dr. Ahmed Al-Rasasi explained the objectives of the OSCE exam, the practical steps involved in conducting the exam, and aspects related to question preparation and organizational considerations. The attendees praised the workshop, highlighting the importance of the provided information and commending Dr. Ahmed Al-Rasasi for his exceptional presentation style, which engaged participants in training for the assessment of virtual exams presented at the end of the workshop.

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