16 November 2022

The Faculty of Information Technology participates in the Huawei Regional Competition

The Faculty of Information Technology at Al-Ahliyya Amman University participated in the Huawei ICT Practice 2022 competition on its second regional level, which was held on Monday 21/11/2022 represented by its students: Malik Anas, Anas Al-Zuhur, and Mohammad Al-Khalidi. The faculty's participation in the regional level comes after passing the first level, which included a number of public and private Jordanian universities, where only 22 students were qualified and succeeded to make it to the upcoming level. Prof. Omar Al-Adwan, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology greeted the winning students in his office and praised the students' efforts and assured that the university supports the participation of students in all local and international competitions due to their importance in refining their personalities, scientific and practical skills.It is worth noting that the winning team of the competition at the regional level will be participating in the third global level that will be held in China. The Huawei competition is a significant global competitive event that is held annually among international university students in the field of networks and communications.

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