21 December 2023

The Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Hosts the Jordanian Sensory Evaluation Society

The Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality at AAU hosted an event for the Jordanian Sensory Evaluation Society for Food and Rum Company for Olive Oil as part of the blessed Olive Season. This significant event saw the attendance of Engineer Ruba Daghmash, Dr. Mai Adnan, Mr. Fayyad Al-Ziyoud, and Mr. Tariq Al-Ziyoud. Key faculty members, including Professor Fayez Haddad, Dean of the Business Faculty and the Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, Dr. Sultan Al-Masa'id, and Chef Maisa Haseeba, were also present. Dr. Mai Adnan initiated the proceedings with an insightful presentation to the distinguished guests and students from the Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts programs. Her talk covered the nuances of sensory tasting across various foods, stressing the necessity of mastering tasting techniques and understanding the pivotal role of taste in the food industry. She also delved into the distinctive elements of olive oil tasting. Engineer Ruba Daghmash and Mr. Fayyad Al-Ziyoud further enriched the session with their extensive discourse on the history of olive oil. They explored its extraction methods spanning from antiquity to modern times, and elaborated on the specific characteristics of Jordanian and Palestinian olive oils. Their discussion highlighted the factors influencing the quality of olive oil from the seed stage to the final product. The program featured a comprehensive segment on the sensory evaluation of foods, including an in-depth look at the transformation of olive oil from fruit to oil and the essential aspects of its fruitiness. The event was interspersed with hands-on workshops focusing on evaluating fundamental tastes, identifying different aromas, and conducting sensory evaluations of olive oil, covering both its positive and negative sensory attributes.

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