15 May 2024

Students from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology Visit Ajloun Reserve

On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, students from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology embarked on a scientific visit to the Ajloun Reserve, focusing on pathways in biodiversity and biotechnology for the environment. This visit is part of a strategic series aimed at enhancing the scientific, practical, and technical skills of the faculty's students, ensuring they remain abreast of educational developments. Located in the northern highlands of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, in the governorate of Ajloun, Ajloun Reserve is renowned for its oak and pine forests, showcasing a rich natural heritage teeming with diverse organisms and plants. This ecosystem contributes significantly to the global biological landscape. Supervised by Rasha Tarawneh, Chief of the Department of Biotechnology and Gene Engineering, and faculty member Dr. Mourad Assay, along with a team of engineers, the visit provided students with insights into the environmental components of the Reserve. They received detailed explanations from the Reserve's staff about its environmental significance and global role in forest conservation, emphasizing its contributions to community service and socio-economic sustainability. At the conclusion of the visit, students expressed admiration for the valuable insights gained and commended the efforts of the faculty's teaching and administrative staff, including Dean Dr. Subhiyya Saifan, in fostering such exemplary educational initiatives within Jordan's academic landscape.

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