21 December 2023

Students Embark on an Educational Journey to the Royal Botanic Garden

In a remarkable blend of academia and practical learning, students from the Faculty of Agricultural Technology at our AAU embarked on an enlightening journey to the Royal Botanic Garden in Tal Ar-Rumman. This educational excursion, led by Dr. Rasha Al-Tarawneh, Head of the Department of Biotechnology in Agriculture and Genetic Engineering, was part of the innovative Biodiversity and Plant Genetic Resources course. It aimed at bridging the gap between classroom theory and real-world application. The journey into the heart of the Royal Garden, accompanied by experienced engineers, provided the students with a tangible connection to the diverse ecosystems they study. The visit emphasized the garden's role in environmental stewardship and botanical research, showcasing its advanced facilities and foundational objectives in conserving nature. Interacting closely with the garden’s dedicated team, the students engaged in immersive sessions. These ranged from learning about the garden's key services to understanding the nuances of plant specimen preservation. The hands-on experience in the herbarium and seed bank was particularly enlightening, offering insights into the conservation of plant genetic resources. A significant aspect of the visit was the focus on Jordan's indigenous and endangered plants. The students learned about the critical conservation efforts and propagation methods for these species, gaining a deeper appreciation of biodiversity's importance. This educational visit not only reinforced the symbiotic relationship between the university and the Royal Botanic Garden but also highlighted the importance of environmental education in shaping future guardians of nature. The students left with a deeper understanding of biodiversity, the imperative of genetic conservation, and the need to protect Jordan's unique plant life. This initiative underscores the commitment to fostering environmental awareness and sustainability among the upcoming generation of environmentalists and conservationists.

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