31 March 2011

Statement by the Presidency of Al-Ahliyya Amman University

On Wednesday, 30/03/2011, the Deanship of Student Affairs, organized Student Council elections for the University, which included the election of members representing various scientific departments in addition to the chairman of the Council. Elections took place in a friendly and highly transparent atmosphere through which the University students of all groups embodied their concern with the electoral process, the University, and the success of the democratic process. Immediately after the announcement of the results at 5:00 PM, the successful and unsuccessful parties shacked hands. Half an hour later, the University administration and students were surprised with crowds coming from outside the walls of the University throwing stones, indicating their disagreement with the results. Security services were called for protecting all parties. The incident was contained without any injuries. Wise individuals had an important role in resolving the conflict. Accordingly, the University decided to close campus on Thursday 31/3/2011, and form an investigation commission headed by the Dean of Student Affairs to investigate the details of the incident. The University will impose more severe sanctions against those who violated the law, abused national unity, and caused disruption.President of University Dr. Maher Saleem

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