20 December 2023

Seminar on Human Rights and the Aggression on Gaza Strip at AAU

The Rule of Law Club, in collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs, organized a seminar about human rights and the aggression on the Gaza Strip, attended by students from various faculties of our AAU. Dr. Osama Al-Hanayneh, a professor of public law at the Faculty of Law, stated that the continuous brutal aggression on the Gaza Strip by the Israeli occupation forces constitutes war crimes that merit prosecution, as well as a crime against humanity. He highlighted that the Israeli war machine is killing all forms of life. Dr. Al-Hanayneh pointed out that the occupation forces' actions, including the killing of children, women, and the elderly, demolition of homes, cutting off life essentials like water, food, and medicine, destruction of hospitals and mosques, and the use of prohibited weapons, are violations of all principles of international law, human rights charters, and humanitarian standards that prohibit targeting civilians in their homes or assaulting children and women. He also referred to the efforts of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in supporting the people in Palestine and the Gaza Strip, emphasizing the continuous efforts of His Majesty King Abdullah II in his communications with world leaders and rulers since the beginning of the aggression to stop the war on Gaza and to deliver relief, medical, and food aid. Dr. Ehab Rayyan, a professor of law at the Faculty of Law, commented that the crimes committed by Israel against the Palestinian people, in general, and the Gaza Strip, in particular, reflect the true face of this occupation, which employs a scorched earth strategy, killing all forms of life in the Gaza Strip and preventing any medical or relief aid from reaching it. He noted that the occupation attempts to hide its heinous crimes by systematically killing journalists who report scenes of unparalleled criminality, stressing the need for the international community and UN organizations to act to stop this aggression and the bloodshed. Dr. Rayyan also mentioned the national unity among various institutions in standing with the brethren in Palestine. Samer Ghadairah, president of the university's Rule of Law Club, stated that the seminar aimed to educate students about legal principles, customs, and international conventions that protect human rights in war and peace. However, he noted that this enemy does not recognize any law or charter and only believes in the language of killing and destruction practiced daily against the unarmed Palestinian people. An extensive discussion followed, where Dr. Al-Hanayneh answered questions and inquiries from the participants.

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