12 June 2023

Scientific Visit to the Holy Lands Institute for the Deaf / Al-Salt

With the aim of enriching the scientific and practical experiences of students in the Special Education Department at the College of Education Sciences, a scientific visit was organized to the Holy Lands Institute for the Deaf in Al-Salt under the supervision of Dr. Anan Abu Maryam, Head of the Special Education Department, and a group of department students. The visit took place on Monday, June 5, 2023. The visit included interactive meetings with deaf students and lectures introducing the types of services provided in that institution. It is worth mentioning that the Holy Lands Institute for the Deaf is one of the oldest institutions in Jordan that focuses on hearing disabilities. It was established in the early 1960s and continues to provide quality services to the deaf and deaf-blind community. The students were familiarized with the services provided by the center for these groups, including direct interactive training with students and faculty members using Jordanian sign language.

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