25 April 2024

Professor Sari Hamdan Honors Participants in Ramadan Charity Iftar Events

Professor Sari Hamdan, our university president, honored participants involved in the Ramadan charity iftar events, including iftars for orphans and the iftar at the student residence of the Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, in collaboration with the Deanship of Student Affairs. The ceremony was attended by Professor Anas Al-Soud, Vice President for International Relations and Quality Affairs, and Dr. Suzy Hatough, Dean of the Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality. During the event, Professor Hamdan delivered a speech thanking the participants for their efforts in organizing and executing the Ramadan activities. He also expressed his appreciation and gratitude to the students who took part in organizing these activities, highlighting their solidarity and cooperation in the true spirit of community volunteering. Dean Suzy Hatough expressed her pride in the volunteer efforts made by the students in serving the community and encouraging their active participation in charitable activities. She noted that the students of the Faculty of Culinary Arts exceeded expectations by preparing and serving 1500 iftar meals over five days at the Arena Theater, distributed among 1200 orphan children and 300 university residence students, in cooperation with trainers and faculty chefs. Over the five days, 37 students participated, each contributing between 8 and 10 hours daily, totaling 80 and 100 hours of work during the event. Vice President Prof. Anas Al-Soud presented the results of this year's QS World University Rankings by Subject, which highlighted the university's Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality ranking among the top 101–150 worldwide. He emphasized that the university strives to achieve the highest international educational quality standards across a range of indicators that contribute to ongoing development and keep pace with all the scientific specialties offered. He noted that the faculty was established just three years ago and now competes among the top 150 universities globally, thanks to its modern curricula and state-of-the-art infrastructure, including laboratories and facilities, as well as a highly qualified academic and administrative staff. President Professor Sari Hamdan congratulated the dean on achieving this qualitative success, reaffirming the university’s commitment to developing all academic programs to meet its goals of global competitiveness through providing high-quality education at the highest international standards. At the end of the ceremony, certificates were presented to the students as a token of appreciation from the university for their commendable efforts in serving the community.

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