04 March 2024

Practical Workshop on Building Information Modeling (BIM) Presented by Dr. Amer Hijazi from AAU’s Faculty of Engineering

Dr. Amer Hijazi, from AAU’s Faculty of Engineering, conducted a practical workshop on Building Information Modeling (BIM) as part of the activities for Architectural Engineering Day at the Jordan Engineers Association in Balqa Governorate. Dr. Hijazi provided an in-depth explanation of BIM as a contemporary methodology in the construction sector, covering its fundamentals, application techniques, and its impact on task distribution among architectural, structural, and electromechanical specialties. He also discussed globally applied specialized software. The workshop included hands-on experience with modeling software, highlighting its significance in creating valuable job opportunities for Jordanian engineers in both local and regional markets. Dr. Amer Hijazi is a faculty member in the Master's program in Structural Engineering and Project Management at the Faculty of Engineering, offering courses aimed at enhancing the competitive capabilities of AAU’s graduates in modeling and digital engineering. At the conclusion of the event, Dr. Hijazi was honored with the association's shield by Engineer Kamal Al-Dabbas, Chairman of the Council of the Balqa Branch, along with Engineer Issa Abu Hammour, the branch president, and chairman of the youth committee. This recognition underscores the university's commitment to developing Jordanian engineers capable of competing effectively in local and regional markets. The workshop was attended by 45 male and female students, as well as several engineers from the Jordan Engineers Association in Balqa Governorate.

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