12 November 2023

Orientation Meeting for New Students at the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences

Dr. Talal Al Qaisi, the Dean of the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences, extended a warm welcome to the incoming students for the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024. The event unfolded on Tuesday, November 7, 2023, in the prestigious Nizar Al Qabbani Auditorium. Dr. Berjas Abumsimir, the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, greeted the students, underlining the university's global vision and mission. He emphasized the importance of students engaging with academic advisors and encouraged their participation in research-oriented student clubs, contributing to personal development and intellectual growth. In addition, Dr. Khaled Al Qaisi, the Vice Dean for Accreditation and Quality Affairs, delivered a comprehensive presentation covering the faculty's vision, mission, and core values. He briefed the students on their university rights and responsibilities, stemming from the ethical charter embraced by the institution. Dr. Al Qaisi provided an illustrative overview of navigating the university's website to access both general and specific academic instructions. The heads of the six academic departments within the Faculty of Allied Medical Sciences presented an overview of the diverse academic programs and specializations available. These programs are designed to meet the demands of local and regional job markets, emphasizing adherence to curriculum plans, regulations, and university instructions. Additionally, they offered valuable tips for success in university studies. The top three outstanding students from all departments and academic levels were honored during the event. The meeting also featured an introduction to the services provided by the Counseling and Special Education Center, with a presentation by the center's director, Dr. Anan Abu Maryam. Special brochures were distributed to acquaint students and the local community with the offerings of AAU 's Psychological Counseling Center.

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