25 October 2023

Journalists Syndicate Council Thanks Ahliyya University for its Support and Honors Dr. Al-Hourani

Dr. Maher Al-Hourani, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Ahliyya University, met today, Tuesday, with the Jordanian Journalists Syndicate President, Rakan Al-Sa'aydeh, and the Syndicate's Vice President, Jamal Ishtaiwi, along with the members of the Syndicate's Council, Zein Al-Din Khalil and Mr. Mufaq Kamal. The meeting discussed the current situation and the challenges faced by our Palestinian people in light of the aggressive Israeli aggression. It also emphasized the important role of the media in various fields, shedding light on the facts and fulfilling its national and patriotic duties. Dr. Al-Hourani talked about the role of universities and educational institutions in the nation's advancement, the preparation of a generation armed with knowledge, competence, and skills, and the remarkable achievements of Ahliyya University. He highlighted the university's entry into the list of the world's top 1000 universities and its third-place ranking in Jordan according to the QS World University Rankings. He also noted its top ranking among Arab students and its high performance in other global rankings. He stressed the university's commitment to serving the local community in various areas and supporting the Jordanian journalists and their professional and national roles. Rakan Al-Sa'aydeh, the head of the Jordanian Journalists Syndicate, and the accompanying delegation praised the university's remarkable achievements and its leading role in supporting the educational, social, and developmental progress of the nation. They expressed their gratitude for the university's scholarships and affirmed the Syndicate's readiness to collaborate with the university in various fields and activities. Al-Sa'aydeh presented a commemorative shield to Dr. Maher Al-Hourani as a token of gratitude for the university's contributions and services to the journalist community.

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