08 November 2023

Informational Workshop on the Use of "Lippincott Procedure-Advisor" Program

In alignment with AAU's commitment to updating the educational system and providing the latest resources to support the teaching process, and with the Nursing Faculty's dedication to enhancing students' clinical training and providing necessary resources to strengthen nursing competencies, the university's Nursing Faculty organized a workshop titled "Lippincott Procedure-Advisor" on Tuesday, November 7, 2023. The workshop took place in the Hurani Auditorium and was also broadcasted via Microsoft Teams for students, faculty members, and administrative staff present in hospitals. Engineer Rita Mardini provided a detailed explanation of the features of the Lippincott Procedure program, how to use it, and the relevant updates, catering to both students and members of the teaching and administrative staff. This initiative reflects the university's continuous efforts to advance clinical education and ensure the readiness of nursing professionals through modern and effective tools.

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