04 December 2023

Faculty of Agricultural Technology Excels at 23rd National Olive Festival

The Faculty of Agricultural Technology at our university showcased remarkable expertise at the 23rd National Olive Festival. Led by Dr. Rasha Al-Tarawneh, the delegation, comprising twenty enthusiastic students, actively engaged in workshops generously sponsored by Dr. Nizar Haddad, the Director-General of the National Center for Agricultural Research. Covering crucial topics like climate change, irrigated agriculture, and cutting-edge irrigation applications, these workshops provided valuable insights. The festival included a compelling lecture on Jordanian olives, a sensory exploration of olive oil, and hands-on testing of oil samples by the students to assess quality. They highlighted tangible benefits, emphasizing the significance of such events in skill development, knowledge enhancement, and collaboration with both governmental and non-governmental entities in the agricultural sector. The faculty's active involvement concluded with an extensive tour of the festival's facilities, showcasing state-of-the-art olive oil presses, rural products, production kitchens, artisanal crafts, and displays from cooperative charitable associations. Notably, students explored a dedicated corner featuring the contributions of participant Abdullah Abu Kushk. Our AAU reaffirms its commitment to nurturing and empowering students, actively endorsing their participation in impactful events and steadfastly supporting entrepreneurial endeavors. The faculty's success at the National Olive Festival underscores the university's dedication to excellence in agricultural education and innovation.

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