14 February 2024

Exploring Theatrical Elements in Cinematic Imagery: A Dialogue Seminar by Dr. Najwa Qandaqji

Dr. Najwa Qandaqji, a faculty member in the Department of Cinematic, Television, and Theatrical Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, recently led a dialogue seminar titled "Theatrical Elements in Cinematic Imagery." This seminar was a part of the "Cinema Club" program, orchestrated by the Cinema Committee at Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation, and held at Abdul Hameed Shoman Forum. During the session, Dr. Qandaqji delved into the concept of theatricality in cinema, posing inquiries about the contributions of theatrical elements to cinematic imagery, their inherent appeal, and their interactions with the cinematic language. While cinema was initially likened to a "photographed theater," Dr. Qandaqji highlighted that contemporary cinematic experiences continue to draw upon theatrical elements in their visual storytelling, despite evolving beyond traditional theater confines. This initiative reflects ongoing engagement with community institutions focused on artistic and cultural affairs, aligning with the university's overarching policy and fundamental values.

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