22 December 2016

Engineering Students in Amman Al-Alhliyya University Excel in Designing an Electronic Device to Serve Scientific Research in the Faculty of Pharmacy

A joint research team from the students of Al-Ahliyya Amman University consisted of Friend Al-Muatez and Ola Jawish and was supervised by Dr. Muhammad Al-Aiyad and Eng. Bashar Nazeih designed an electronic device “Digital Actophotometer”. This device was designed to be used in laboratory tests on animals and in studying the different effects of medicines on the Central Nervous System in the framework of the scientific research in the faculty of Pharmacy. The device is used now by the researchers in the Faculty of Pharmacy. The importance of this device lies in examining the under development pharmaceutical samples by injecting the experimental rats, monitoring them and recording its activity.It is worth mentioning that the design of the device takes into account the international technological standards. Moreover, the device is noted for simplicity of usage, drawing the results and in the lower expenses that do not exceed 5% of its value in the global markets. It is known that the Faculty of Engineering in the University has previously designed other laboratory measuring devices. This is considered a step forward in investing students’ abilities and creations instead of buying devices from abroad.

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