17 May 2011

Energy and life the fifth scientific day theme

Under the auspices of the President Amman Private University, Dr. Maher Salim established Faculty of Engineering day scientific fifth under the theme Energy and Life to the power of great importance in the process of life and the day included the scientific: to provide lectures by specialists in the subjects related to the transfer of their experiences of scientific and practical by virtue of the exercise of the profession to students in the university community Vamahadharh speak for the first channel of Bahrain, this project links the energy of water, as the project addresses the two together and this is particularly important for the priorities of Jordan. The second lecture covers the national strategy for energy in Jordan, this lecture reflect the plans and projects and future activities of energy in Jordan to deal with the anticipated challenges and identify methods of addressing them. And included a lecture, the third objective of nuclear energy and oil shale and these sources may constitute promising sources for the problem of shortage of conventional energy sources such as oil and gas in large commercial quantities in Jordan and therefore may be of nuclear energy is a viable solution if the available means of protection and security of the oil shale is the source of energy available in huge quantities But his problem is the economic aspect in addition to some of the fears of environmental pollution. And either the final lecture constitutes the theme of renewable energy a glimmer of hope in the field of energy in the world in general and Jordan in particular and renewable energy sources are environmentally friendly as well as non-drying and is therefore sustainable and remains the biggest challenge for this group of energy sources is the economics of production. At the scientific end of the day was to thank the companies contributing to this day

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