13 September 2021

Election of the Arena Club Board of Directors headed by Dr. Maher Al- Hourani

The General Assembly members of the Arena Club held a meeting at Al-Ahliyya Amman University on Thursday, 9/9/2021. During the meeting, Dr. Maher Al-Hourani welcomed the members and representatives of the Ministry of Youth, and underscored the club's achievements over the past years, pointing out the activities, campaigns and sports meetings held by the club. He also emphasized that the club's return will be in a better way to serve sports and the youth movement.Dr. Sari Hamdan, President of the University, stressed on the support for clubs, as the university provides all facilities to ensure success of the club that serves national team players, as well as the grants provided to outstanding sportsmen.A summary of the financial and administrative report was presented, and a vote was taken on the club’s president and members. Dr. Maher Al-Hourani as president, Dr. Awni Shanableh as vice president, Mr. Zuhair Al-Abbasi as secretary and media spokesperson for the club, and Nader Sweidan as treasurer, were approved in the presence of 83 members. In addition to the membership of Dr. Muhammad Mubaideen, Dr. Iyad Shaaban, Dr. Ghaleb Erekat, Dr. Omar Shamout and Hussam Al-Sayed, and the reserve members are: Fadi Al-Nouri, Amer Hamdan, Zeina Fritikh and Dr. Mustafa Attiyat.The elections session was chaired by representatives of the Ministry of Youth, namely: Mahmoud Al-Kilani, Head of the Clubs Department, Ziad Joudeh, Yahya Al-Daajah and Adel Al-Shobaki, while the club's board of directors was elected for a three-year term by acclamation.

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