27 February 2024

Dr. Najwa Qandakji Engages in 19th Sharjah Arab Theatre Forum

Dr. Najwa Qandakji, a faculty member in the Department of Cinematic, Television, and Theatrical Design at the Faculty of Architecture and Design, actively participated in the 19th Sharjah Arab Theatre Forum. The forum was a key component of the seventh edition of the Dibba Al-Hisn Theatre Festival, held from February 16 to 20, 2024, in the United Arab Emirates. Dr. Qandakji contributed by presenting a research paper during the intellectual seminar titled "The Future of Arab Theatre in Confronting Contemporary Art Manifestations," joining a cohort of academics, researchers, and artists from across Arab nations. Dr. Qandakji initiated thought-provoking discussions on the challenges facing Arab theatre, addressing its capacity to adapt and confront technological and conceptual shifts in contemporary society. She delved into the impact of the digital revolution and the evolution of technical media, along with the social and artistic dynamics they introduce, which shape modern manifestations of theatrical expression. Furthermore, Dr. Qandakji offered insights into the Jordanian theatre landscape, spotlighting the accomplishments and experiences of the emerging theatrical generation. Dr. Qandakji also explored the dynamic interplay between different generations within the theatrical community, aiming to delineate their artistic responsibilities in selecting theatrical methodologies and terminology conducive to navigating modern technological advancements, thus propelling Jordanian theatrical production forward. This engagement reflects the university's commitment to fostering collaboration with institutions dedicated to artistic and cultural endeavors on a regional scale.

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