25 June 2023

Discussion of graduation projects for students of the Higher Diploma in Digital Instructional Design

Students of the Higher Diploma in Digital Instructional Design discussed their graduation projects under the supervision of Dr. Asil Al-Ajlouni from the Curriculum and Teaching Department. The Dean of the college, Professor Dr. Qusai Shambour, praised the excellence of the projects, which were characterized by their novelty and the importance of their topics. One of the students, Reem Abu Abbas, prepared an integrated training program to develop cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) skills using the latest digital instructional design programs. Abu Abbas emphasized the importance of equipping individuals in society with knowledge and skills in CPR, highlighting that these skills should not be limited to the healthcare sector, as it is crucial to intervene correctly and quickly in saving people's lives. Another student, Rabab Dabbabneh, from Al-Ahliyya and Al-Matarain Schools, presented an integrated training program to develop PowerPoint presentation skills. The program was designed based on needs analysis, conference recommendations, decisions of the Ministry of Education, and the goals of sustainable development. The teacher was considered the cornerstone in preparing qualified competencies for a society based on the knowledge economy. After the discussions, outstanding students in the program were honored and encouraged to continue advancing in designing integrated programs and interactive digital materials that contribute to improving the teaching and learning process and the development of society.

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