02 November 2023

Delegation from AAU Engages with Hamad Medical Corporation in Qatar

A delegation from AAU, led by Professor Muntaha Gharaibeh, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, and Professor Khaldoun Hamdan, Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, held a constructive meeting with representatives from Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) in Qatar. Professor Gharaibeh extended warm regards from Professor Sari Hamdan, the university president, expressing the institution's pride in this collaborative partnership. Professor Khaldoun Hamdan delivered a comprehensive presentation covering the university, its faculties, with a particular focus on the Faculty of Nursing. The presentation encompassed an overview of the Faculty's facilities, laboratories, academic programs, specializations, and details regarding practical training. The meeting delved into the purpose of the visit, primarily centered around the training of master's students from the Faculty of Nursing in the Intensive Care Departments of the corporation. This training is conducted under the supervision of trainers from the same location. A substantial discussion session ensued, addressing queries and concerns from both sides. Representatives from Hamad Medical Corporation praised AAU's high standing in global rankings and the quality of student services provided. An agreement was forged to provide the corporation with a formal letter from the university expressing the intention to train master's students for the current semester (2023/2024). Additionally, plans were initiated to draft a memorandum of understanding to streamline the training process for future semesters. Post-meeting, a field tour took place in the Intensive Care Departments within the Emergency Building, showcasing the array of services offered. The delegation engaged with department heads, medical staff, and nursing personnel, gaining familiarity with the modern equipment utilized in the corporation. Subsequently, another field tour was conducted in Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital. Here, the delegation met with the nursing director and medical staff, discussing potential training opportunities available for master's students in the Faculty of Nursing.

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