15 October 2023

Collaboration in Training and Recruiting Jordanian Nurses to Austria between Al-Ahliyya University and Austrian Institutions

The President of Al-Ahliyya University, Professor Dr. Sari Hamdan, received an Austrian delegation from Vienna Medical Care Group, Vienna Medical University, and the Austrian University of Applied Sciences on Monday, October 9, 2023. The meeting was also attended by the University's Vice President for International Relations and Quality, Professor Dr. Anas Al-Saud. This visit marks the continuation of a series of meetings that began in Vienna, Austria, with the aim of recruiting qualified Jordanian nurses to work in the field of medical care in Austria. The delegation concluded their three-day visit by signing a memorandum of understanding to implement the project at Al-Ahliyya University. They also held a meeting with the Secretary-General of the Jordanian Nursing Council, Professor Dr. Hani Al-Nawafleh, in the presence of the University's Vice President, Professor Dr. Anas Al-Saud, to gain insight into the nursing sector in Jordan. Professor Dr. Al-Nawafleh outlined the council's role and the competence of Jordanian nurses. The Nursing Council will play a crucial role in collaboration with Al-Ahliyya University in implementing this vital project for Jordan. The delegation also visited the Saudi Hospital, a strategic partner of Al-Ahliyya University. They met with the hospital's General Manager, Dr. Ali Al-Saudi, who expressed the hospital's support for this national project. The delegation toured various facilities at the hospital, expressing admiration for the hospital's facilities and the high medical standards maintained by Dr. Al-Saudi and the hospital's staff in general, with a special emphasis on the nursing staff. The delegation also visited several facilities at Al-Ahliyya University, including the College of Dentistry, where they met with the Dean, Professor Dr. Yazan Husuneh, who provided an overview of the college, its facilities, and its academic plans. They also visited the College of Nursing, where they met with the Dean, Professor Dr. Montaha Gharaibeh, who explained the college's readiness, facilities, and staff's capabilities for the successful execution of this program.

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