19 May 2024

Chef Salwa Al-Adham Visits AAU's Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality

The Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality at our AAU, represented by Dean Dr. Suzy Hatough, recently had the privilege of hosting Chef Salwa Al-Adham from Kuwait. Chef Salwa's visit was aimed at meeting the students, exploring the faculty, and learning about the programs offered. She praised the faculty’s modernity, noting its state-of-the-art facilities and services that emulate those found in world-class hotels and restaurants. During her visit, Chef Salwa prepared the traditional Kuwaiti dish "Machboos with Meat and Chicken" alongside the students. She expressed her admiration for their academic and practical skills in preparation, cooking, and presentation. Additionally, she shared her inspiring journey that has led her to become a regular guest chef on the program "Good Morning Arabs" and her accomplishments as a culinary consultant. At the conclusion of the visit, Dean Dr. Suzy Hatough presented a commemorative shield from AAU to Chef Salwa Al-Adham. This gesture was a token of gratitude and appreciation for her presence and valuable contribution to the educational journey of the faculty.

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