27 May 2024

Career Day at AAU for Major Local and International Companies

As part of our AAU's celebrations for the Silver Jubilee of the Royal Accession and Independence Day, our Deanship of Student Affairs, through the Career Counseling and Alumni Follow-up Office, launched Career Day activities for graduates and members of the local community. The event featured the participation of major local companies under the patronage of Dr. Firas Abu Qaoud, the Governor of Balqa. Dr. Abu Qaoud emphasized that Royal directives promoting collaboration with private sector institutions represent the optimal approach to achieving sustainable development, fostering youth employment opportunities, and contributing to reducing unemployment while enhancing socio-economic development and national pride. Prof. Sari Hamdan, our president, highlighted the university's commitment to offering training opportunities to students during their academic tenure, ensuring they acquire the necessary skills for the job market. He underscored that the university has successfully attracted numerous major local and international companies, facilitating networking opportunities for graduates who have acquired essential skills to thrive in these corporations. He further noted that AAU consistently aligns with Royal directives aimed at combatting unemployment and plays a pivotal role in job creation through initiatives such as Career Days. The university's Career Day provided abundant job opportunities across various sectors including services, banking, commerce, hospitality, restaurants, pharmacies, and others highly sought after by young professionals. He affirmed that the unemployment rate among AAU graduates is remarkably low, attributable to their excellent preparation for the job market while still pursuing their academic studies.

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