13 November 2023

Business School Welcomes Head of Cybercrime Unit for Informative Seminar

In a collaboration with the Cybercrime Combat Unit at the Criminal Research Department, the Business School recently hosted an enlightening seminar on "Cybercrimes." The primary objective was to enhance student awareness regarding the potential risks associated with cybercrimes. Captain Ayoub Abu Rabie, the head of the Cybercrime Unit, delivered a comprehensive overview encompassing various aspects of cybercrimes, including their types and technical methodologies for effective handling. Moreover, Captain Abu Rabie delved into cybercrime laws, shedding light on the rights, duties, and legal procedures pertinent to these issues. The seminar also highlighted the impactful awareness campaigns spearheaded by the Cybercrime Combat Unit. These campaigns are meticulously designed to educate students, citizens, and diverse segments of society about the perils of cybercrimes. Captain Abu Rabie shared valuable insights into the protective measures implemented by the unit, ensuring citizens' security and providing support to those seeking assistance. The event concluded with a vibrant discussion, exploring strategies to combat cybercrimes, reduce their prevalence, counter extremist ideologies, and address audience inquiries. Among the attendees were Dr. Malik Al-Soud, the head of the E-Marketing and Digital Communication Department, along with several esteemed faculty members and engaged students.

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