15 April 2018

AAU's Dean Faculty of Nursing Meets the New Students

Due to the university's concern to communicate with its students, particularly, the newly registered ones, the Nursing Faculty' Dean met the new students at the beginning of the second semester 2017/2018. The meeting was attended by the administrative and academic staff along with the new students in the Faculty of Nursing. This took place on Wednesday 21/3/2018. Dr. Daghestani expressed her pleasure at this meeting, which is one of the faculty's regular meetings with the students. She assured that the students are under the patronage and care of the faculty staff. Also, she explained that the faculty aims to provide a supportive environment to its students. The faculty seeks to be distinctive in various majors, thus, it called upon the students to participate in various activities that shape their personalities and let them gain experience and skills. The meeting introduced the academic, administrative, and guidance staffs. A short view about the faculty was presented by the head of the department. The guidance committee talked about the importance of using the guidance service in the faculty.

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