15 February 2024

AAU Takes Active Role in Female Arab Academic Union Conference

Al-Ahliyya Amman University played a pivotal role in the conference of the Female Arab Academic Union, hosted at the University of Jordan, with the objective of ratifying the union's foundational principles. Notable academics from AAU, including Professor Iman Al-Nazli, Dean of Scientific Research; Professor Hanan Ibrahim, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences; Dr. Sobhiya Saifan, Dean of the Faculty of Agricultural Technology; and Professor Sawsan Badrakhan, a founding member of the Female Arab Academic Union in Jordan, represented the university at the conference. The conference commenced with the inauguration by University of Jordan President, Professor Nazir Obaidat, and University Board of Trustees Chairman, Dr. Adnan Badran, alongside esteemed female Arab academics from universities across the Arab world. In his address, President Obaidat underscored the importance of academic achievements in propelling the union's success, expressing pride in Jordanian female academics asserting their rights and roles within academia. He commended Al-Ahliyya Amman University for spearheading the founding conference, fostering unity of demands, ideas, and ambitions. Professor Lubna Akroush, President of the Association of Jordanian Female Academics and Head of the Committee for Establishing the Female Arab Academic Union, delineated the union's vision to consolidate the research, scientific, and creative efforts of Arab female academics globally, fostering connectivity and promoting Islamic and global civilization strategies. The inception of the Female Arab Academic Union finds its roots in the accomplishments of the Association of Jordanian Women Academics, reflecting its effectiveness since May 7, 2014. Al-Ahliyya Amman University remains steadfast in its commitment to championing initiatives that propel academic excellence and empower women in academia.

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