12 November 2023

AAU Shines at International Sports Sciences Conference in France

In a remarkable display of academic prowess, AAU made its mark at a prestigious scientific conference in France, focusing on the field of sports sciences. The Department of Physical and Health Education actively promotes scientific research and engages in studies related to the multifaceted aspects of sports and physical activities. Illustrating the university's commitment to scholarly excellence, Umaya Al-Dabaybah, a student from the Department of Physical and Health Education at the Faculty of Educational Sciences, took center stage at the international ACAPS conference in France. Al-Dabaybah presented a research paper titled "Application of Psychological and Physiological Measurements (Borg Scale) to Monitor Exercise Intensity during Intermittent Fasting in the Month of Ramadan." Her presentation stood out for its depth and detail, underscoring the significance of her participation in the global scientific gathering. Expressing both pride and humility, the second-year student remarked, "I am delighted to have the opportunity to present a poster at the 20th ACAPS international conference held at the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne in France. This was an honor for me, as I shared the research with prominent academics from around the world. I am grateful for this experience and look forward to more future opportunities to contribute to the academic community." Dr. Hatem Shlool, Head of the Physical and Health Education Department, commended the student's scientific contribution as a noteworthy achievement. He highlighted that her success not only reflects positively on the student but also significantly enhances the reputation of the university, the faculty, and the program within the academic community. Dr. Shlool emphasized that this pivotal step indicates a promising future for the student in the field of sports scientific research, further solidifying the faculty's leadership in this field.

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