15 January 2024

AAU’s Faculty of Law Makes a Legal Impact: Four Groundbreaking Books on International Commercial Arbitration and Construction Contracts in One Year!

The Faculty of Law at our AAU makes a noteworthy addition to the general Arabic library, particularly the Jordanian library, by introducing four scholarly books in a single year. These publications center around international commercial arbitration and construction contracts, featuring the following titles: 1. "The Duty of Disclosure and its Impact on the Arbitrator’s Independence and Impartiality in International Commercial Arbitration" by Professor Mosleh Al-Tarawneh, Vice President for Academic Affairs/Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Engineer Khaled Zuhair Qoul, a graduate of the Master's program in Construction Arbitration. This book delves into the arbitrator's commitment to disclose relationships or circumstances that may influence their impartiality and independence. It provides a specific analysis and critique of the English judiciary's stance in the famous Halberton case. The book is 328 pages of medium-sized text. 2. "Concurrent Delay in Construction Contracts: A Comparative Analytical Study" by Professor Mosleh Al-Tarawneh, Professor Haitham Haloush, and Engineer Khaled Saado. This groundbreaking book, the first of its kind in Arabic, explores delays in construction contracts overall, with a specific focus on concurrent delays. The publication thoroughly examines all aspects related to concurrent delays in the Anglo-Saxon and Latin legal systems, addressing their handling methods and measurement in specialized protocols and model contracts. The book is 400 pages of medium-sized text. 3. "Arbitrator's Disqualification: A Comparative Legal, Jurisprudential, and Judicial Study" by Professor Mosleh Al-Tarawneh and Lecturer Zaid Al-Majali. This book presents a theoretical and practical analysis, backed by Jordanian, Arab, and foreign judicial rulings, covering procedural and substantive facets of an arbitrator's disqualification. It delves into the reasons for disqualification, its nature, procedures, and the ensuing consequences. The publication also extensively covers guiding principles on conflicts of interest in international commercial arbitration, as outlined by the International Bar Association (IBA). The book is 191 pages of medium-sized text. 4. " The Reasoning of Academic Judgments in Jordanian Law " by Professor Mosleh Al-Tarawneh, Dr. Nour Al-Dabbas, Deputy Dean of Student Affairs and Associate Professor of Civil Law at the Faculty of Law at our AAU, and Lecturer Tareq Al-Hasan, a Commercial Law instructor at AAU. This comprehensive book meticulously examines one of the most crucial conditions of arbitration judgments: reasoning. It covers its concept, conditions, content, flaws, and the judiciary's authority to supervise it through a nullification lawsuit. The book primarily focuses on Jordanian law and rulings of the Jordanian Court of Cassation, with references to certain foreign and Arab court rulings where applicable. The book is 166 pages of medium-sized text.

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