10 March 2024

AAU’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences Celebrates the Arab Human Rights

On the occasion of Arab Human Rights Day and under the theme "Protecting Families and Strengthening Their Bonds," the Faculty of Arts and Sciences welcomed family and educational relations consultant Dr. Khalil Al-Ziyoud in Mahmoud Darwish Auditorium. The meeting focused on defining the stages of building a healthy family. The dean of the faculty Prof. Hanan Ibrahim, delivered a speech on this day and welcomed the guest, presenting him with an appreciation shield for his visit. During the meeting, Dr. Al-Ziyoud underscored the significance of the engagement phase in establishing resilient and harmonious families. He emphasized the necessity of effective communication and mutual understanding among partners during this crucial period. Dr. Al-Ziyoud also highlighted the importance of adopting values such as respect and mutual understanding to bolster marital stability, ultimately safeguarding families and reinforcing their bonds. The session facilitated an engaging dialogue between Dr. Al-Ziyoud and the students. At the end of the meeting, Dean Prof. Hanan Ibrahim thanked Dr. Khalil Al-Ziyoud for his valuable contribution to enriching the discussion on protecting families and strengthening their bonds, reaffirming the faculty's commitment to raising awareness of human rights issues and promoting healthy family relationships.

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