17 April 2024

AAU’s Faculty of Agricultural Technology Participates in a Master's Thesis Discussion at the University of Anbar, Iraq

In alignment with the joint cooperation agreement between AAU's Faculty of Agricultural Technology and the University of Anbar in Iraq, which focuses on exchanging expertise in supervising and discussing postgraduate students and enhancing the research and educational processes, Dr. Rasha Abdel Hadi Al-Tarawneh from AAU's Faculty of Agricultural Technology served as a committee member for the discussion of Haitham Mukhlis Saad's master's thesis entitled "Diagnosis of Genetic Structures with Low Cadmium Accumulation and Their Association with Gene Expression in Bread Wheat." The thesis aimed to identify genetic structures in bread wheat that absorb lower amounts of cadmium, which are preferable for human consumption compared to other structures that absorb higher levels of the element and pose potential health risks. Professor Mushtaq Talib Al-Nada, President of the University of Anbar, commended this initiative and the efforts made by Professor Sari Hamdan, our president, to activate the signed agreement and sustain ongoing cooperation, asserting that the relationship between the two universities is strong, well-established, and historic.

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