07 November 2023

AAU’s Business School organizes a workshop on the Foundations of Successful Online Advertising

As part of AAU's Business School initiatives dedicated to aligning academic education with the practical dynamics of the Jordanian market, a workshop was convened on November 5, 2023. This workshop, designed for students enrolled in the Practical Applications in Advertising course and instructed by Dr. Ghayath Al-Tarjuman, focused on the intricacies of planning and executing online advertising campaigns. The workshop showcased an enlightening presentation by Mr. Mohammad Riyadh, a distinguished expert in online paid advertising affiliated with Action Group. Through a comprehensive exploration of the various phases involved in planning and executing online advertisements, Mr. Riyadh elucidated the pivotal conditions contributing to their success. A dynamic interaction unfolded during the lecture as students actively participated by posing questions and engaging in discussions. Their involvement extended to sharing valuable opinions on the nuances of the planning and execution processes, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas within the academic setting.

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