19 May 2024

AAU Rule of Law Club Visits Amman Customs Centre

The Rule of Law Club from our AAU recently visited the Amman Customs Centre to gain firsthand knowledge about its operations and services. During the visit, students learned about the Centre's pivotal role in conducting numerous customs transactions daily with precision and professionalism, aligning closely with the core values upheld by the General Customs Service. Amer Al Dhalin, Assistant Director of Amman Customs, emphasized the Service's commitment to enhancing customs services to support economic development at national and global levels. This includes promoting investment, bolstering national industry competitiveness, facilitating passenger and trade movements between Jordan and other countries, combating illicit activities, and contributing revenue to the Treasury. The General Customs Service continuously modernizes its operations, procedures, and infrastructure to streamline passenger and cargo handling while enforcing border controls and combating smuggling and illegal commercial activities. These efforts are essential under current legislation and aim to update administrative and technical practices. Dr. Ihab Al-Rayyan, Advisor to the Rule of Law Club at the Faculty of Law, praised the crucial role played by the General Customs Service in safeguarding national security, protecting citizens, supporting local industries, and facilitating trade and customs operations. He highlighted AAU's initiative to educate students about national achievements and the significant contributions of leading institutions like the Customs Department. During the tour of the Amman Customs facilities, the student delegation gained insights into the Centre's daily operations in facilitating the smooth transit of goods and materials to the local market, reinforcing their understanding of customs processes and their broader economic impact.

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