26 December 2023

AAU Participates in a Speech Festival to Support His Majesty the King's Stance on the Aggression Against Gaza

Aligned with the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II and reaffirming the steadfast, just, and wise principle he has adopted in Arab and international forums, a group of Law students from AAU participated in a national public festival. Held at the Salt Cultural Center in the Balqa Governorate, the event convened state dignitaries, ministers, notables, sheikhs, members of Parliament, and senators to discuss the latest developments in support of the people in Gaza. The festival, attended by former Prime Ministers Dr. Abdul Raouf Rawabdeh and Dr. Abdullah Al-Nsour, as well as a significant gathering from within and outside the city, culminated in a final statement. This statement condemned the brutal Zionist aggression on Gaza Hashem, which involved mass extermination and indiscriminate killing targeting water, trees, stones, and civilians. It also criticized the premature international backing from certain countries for this assault against humanity, denouncing it in the strongest terms. The participants lauded the resilience of the official Jordanian position, led by His Majesty the King. His Majesty has traversed the globe to challenge the false Israeli narrative that rationalizes the aggression, thereby presenting the actual narrative, the roots of the conflict, and potential solutions. His Majesty’s efforts have been instrumental in altering the accusatory narrative against the people of Palestine and the Gaza Strip. The attendees urged the international community to prosecute the extremist Israeli government at the International Criminal Court for committing a spectrum of war crimes. They underscored that Jordan, under His Majesty the King's leadership, has extended, and will continue to extend, all feasible support to the people of Gaza and the West Bank. This support encompasses humanitarian and medical assistance, notably including air drop campaigns to deliver aid directly to the people in Gaza.

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