22 April 2018

AAU Organizes Academic Faculties Week

Al-Ahliyya Amman University organized faculties' week, where many lectures, workshops, and students' exhibitions were held. Professors from all social institutions , deans of faculties, administrative and academic staffs and students participated in this event. On Sunday 15/4/2018, the week started by the academic day of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and the Faculty of Law titled Law and Society. This day included a number of lectures such as, Drug Risks and Prevention Ways which were presented by the delegate of Anti-Narcotics Department. Also, there was a workshop for the students of the Faculty of Arts about duties of the psychotherapist in the field The Faculty of Law opened the event by a lecture about the domestic violence. It was presented by Dr. Yazan Abdo, the General Manager of Sharek. Finally, there was a lecture about electronic crimes presented by Major Raed Rawashdeh, the Directorate of the Criminal Information Department in the Public Security Department. He presented the most significant crime pillars, and reasons excitingly by using pictures of some of the most significant ones and he talked about the caveats to be avoided by social media users. Day 2 included the events of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and Pharmacy and the Faculty of Nursing titled Society's Health is our Responsibility. The Faculty of Nursing lectures focused on domestic health, violence against women, marriage of underage females, and workshops about stem cells. On Tuesday 17/4/2018, events of the School of Business and the Faculty of IT dealt with Technology and Entrpeunership. The School of Business organised an exhibition of academic and graduation projects, and Think & Win competition, with which students interacted very well. Furthermore, there were many lectures about digital drugs and start-ups. The Faculty of IT launched the secure You tube application for children, an exhibition which spots light on the history of technology, a special corner of Secure your device, in addition to workshops about protection from hacking and a practical competition for the students. The scientific week concluded by the events of Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Architecture and Design. They included academic lectures, cinema shows, artistic exhibitions, and various topics of lectures; renewed energy in the engineering and design, buildings, and sustainable systems. The Theater, Television, and Cinematic Design Department hosted the T.V and Cinematic Jordanian Director, Hammad Zoubi. The head of the Department, Dr. Firas Rimoni, introduced him to talk about his artistic experience of directing and filmmaking. The director Hammad Zoubi presented a show of his short film that lasted for 37.5 mins. Then, discussions were held to open windows towards the techniques and methods of filmmaking, the role of drama in society, and its responsibility towards the critical causes. The Faculty of Engineering lectures included workshops about intellectual copy-rights and workshops about civil engineering.

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