21 March 2024

AAU Launches its Annual Ramadan Charity Campaigns to Support Members of the Local Community in Al Balqa Governorate.

In embodiment of its leading role in serving the local community and its belief in the importance of social solidarity, AAU launched its annual Ramadan charity campaign in Al Balqa Governorate on Thursday, March 21, 2024, under the support and guidance of Dr. Maher Al-Hourani, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Prof. Sari Hamdan, the University President. The campaign, overseen by the High Committee for Activities and Community Service and the Student Affairs Deanship, includes distributing food parcels to needy families within the governorate, in collaboration with local community institutions, sectors, and charitable associations. Additionally, iftars (fast-breaking meals) and Eid clothes are provided for orphans, with widespread participation from university students from various faculties. Dr. Mustafa Al-Attiyyat, Dean of Student Affairs and Chairman of the High Committee for Activities and Community Service, emphasized the importance of these campaigns in fostering awareness and deepening the sense of social responsibility among students. This enhances their active citizenship and encourages them to lend a helping hand to those in need. He pointed out that the university attaches great importance to serving the local community and is keen on participating in various events and activities. These campaigns by AAU University come as a reinforcement of its efforts in serving the community, considering it as an active element in promoting sustainable development and building a more cohesive and supportive society. The university reaffirms its commitment to continuing its efforts in providing support and assistance to needy families in cooperation with partners and charitable institutions, with the aim of building a better future for all.

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