26 March 2024

AAU Inks a Memorandum of Understanding with Optimum Partners – Jordan

In a move aimed at enriching the educational journey of its students and providing avenues for practical technical training, AAU, represented by Professor Qasim Khurma, Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, signed a memorandum of understanding with Optimum Partners Jordan. This initiative, represented by Mr. Iyad Hamouda, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors, seeks to equip students of the Faculty of Information Technology with valuable training opportunities. The signing ceremony was attended by Professor Sari Hamdan, our President, Professor Anas Al-Soud, Vice President of the University for International Relations and Quality Affairs, and Mr. Amer Hamdan, Director of Talent Acquisition and Strategic Partnerships at Optimum Partners - Jordan. Professor Sari Hamdan, President of the University, underscored the significance of fortifying the bonds between the university and the private sector to optimize benefits for the students. He highlighted that this collaboration mirrors the university's dedication to furnishing a holistic educational environment. Professor Anas Al-Saud, Vice President for International Relations and Quality Affairs, elucidated that this endeavor aligns with the university's vision of enhancing professional and technical education through hands-on training opportunities that augment students' competencies and readiness for the workforce. Mr. Iyad Hamouda, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors at Optimum Partners - Jordan, reiterated the company's commitment to providing essential support for students and cultivating a pragmatic educational milieu to nurture their skills and enhance their career prospects in the technology sector. This partnership is part of AAU's broader initiative to expand its network of collaborations with leading firms across diverse industries, with the goal of enriching educational experiences and empowering students to stay abreast of contemporary advancements in the job market.

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