21 January 2019

AAU Hosts the Estarta & Cisco Incubator for Training & Employment

The AAU Department of Networks & Information Security/ the IT Faculty hosted the Estarta & Cisco Incubator for Training & Employment on Wednesday, 16/1/2019 for the second consecutive year. This event is part of the continuous efforts of the AAU Department of Networks & Information Security/ IT Faculty in providing its students with opportunities that help them to develop and expand their choices and help them to engage in the available areas of work as well as to strengthen partnership with the private sector. A group of experts from the Estarta Company conducted interviews with last year students from the IT and Engineering Faculties. The idea of the Incubator is to train last year students and to recruit the ones who pass training in the Estarta Company. At the end of the interviews, a meeting was held between the Dean of the Faculty and the Head of the Networks & Information Security Department with the Estarta Company staff to discuss the level of students and the content of some of the Department's Courses. The Company expressed its admiration for the excellence and high efficiency of the students of the Department of Networks & Information Security and the courses offered in the study plan for the specialization. It is worth mentioning that the Company is one of the oldest and largest companies in the field of networks and information security that provides technical support services in this area to the largest companies in the world such as Microsoft, Cisco and others.

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