25 February 2024

AAU Hosts Delegation from Colleges of Excellence in Saudi Arabia

Professor Sari Hamdan, the University President, welcomed Mr. Walid bin Saeed Bajouda, the Acting Executive Vice President of the Operations Sector, and Mr. Muhammad Khanfar, Advisor to the Information Technology Sector, from the Colleges of Excellence Company in Saudi Arabia. The purpose of the visit was to enhance cooperation with the Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality at AAU. The meeting, attended by Dr. Suzy Hatoug, Dean of the Faculty of Culinary Arts and Hospitality, and Mr. Amin Arda, Dean of the Faculty of International Tourism and Hospitality in Riyadh, emphasized the importance of ongoing collaboration between the university and the service and tourism sectors in Jordan and the region. Professor Hamdan underscored AAU's commitment to developing unique specializations that meet the needs of both local and international job markets, expressing gratitude for the delegation's interest in advancing the tourism sector. In response, the delegation members commended the faculty's efforts in enhancing students’ applied and scientific skills, emphasizing the need to further develop these efforts to supply the sector with highly qualified professionals. Dr. Suzy Hatoug highlighted the visit as an opportunity to expand cooperation with the Colleges of Excellence in tourism, hospitality, and other sectors such as nursing, medicine, and agriculture. This includes exchanging experiences, developing curricula, and enhancing the cognitive and technical capabilities of faculty members and trainers in Saudi Arabia. The visit concluded with a tour of the university's various faculties, followed by a gesture of appreciation from President Hamdan to the guests for their generous visit.

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