21 May 2024

AAU Engineering Shines at Jordanian Engineers Association Graduation Project Competition

Our AAU excelled in the graduation project competition organized by the Jordanian Engineers Association. Students from our Faculty of Engineering secured two awards, showcasing their exceptional graduation projects. Civil Engineering students Laith Qattous and Hassan Al-Najajra, supervised by Dr. Takwa Al-Hadidi, won second place in the Traffic Engineering Division, in collaboration with the Greater Amman Municipality, for their innovative project "Design and Performance Analysis of Roundabout Alternatives." Their project presented innovative solutions to improve traffic performance at the Mecca Street intersection. Additionally, Biomedical Engineering students Leen Saleh, Abdullah Mansour, Mohammad Amin Abu Rumman, and Abdullah Abu Madi, supervised by Prof.Mahmoud Iskandarani and Prof. Jamal Al-Nabulsi, won third place in the Electrical Engineering Division for their project "Design and Implementation of an Electronic Nose for Chemical and Biomedical Applications." This project offers a design in the field of medical diagnostics and contributes significantly to advancements in non-invasive disease detection through the analysis of chemical and nutritional components.

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