23 November 2023

AAU Engages in Khalifa Educational Award Introductory Session at the University of Jordan

Responding to the invitation from the Khalifa Educational Award's General Secretariat, a delegation from our university participated in an introductory meeting on Monday, November 20, 2023, hosted at the University of Jordan. The session aimed to acquaint attendees with the award's categories and themes in its seventeenth edition. The university delegation expressed eagerness for active involvement and direct contributions from the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan across various cycles of the award. Emphasizing the award's coverage of diverse areas within multiple categories, spanning various facets of the educational process, they highlighted the Khalifa Educational Award's status as a prominent national initiative from the United Arab Emirates, dedicated to enhancing excellence in educational and pedagogical performance. The presentation encompassed an overview of the award's categories, nomination procedures, key messages, objectives, and the nomination process via the official website. Additionally, the timeline for the current edition was outlined. The university's engagement featured significant insights from faculty members, including Professor Hanan Ibrahim, the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Mohammad Mubaydin, the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Educational Sciences, Dr. Anan Abu Marym, and Dr. Mamdouh Al-Zaben, the Head of the Guidance and Special Education Center. Professor Hanan Ibrahim discussed considerations related to gender and scientific research, underscoring the importance of ensuring equal participation rights, gender balance, and embracing human diversity. She spotlighted our university's leadership in educational research, intricately connected to the needs and priorities of society.

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