22 November 2022

A workshop in joint cooperation between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Architecture and Design

The Faculty of Engineering in cooperation with the Faculty of Architecture and Design at Al-Ahliyya Amman University organized a workshop for the students of the Department of Interior Design on Wednesday 16/10/2022. This workshop came as an initiation by Dr. Dana Amro from the Faculty of Architecture and Design in coordination with Engineer Bashar Nazih from the Faculty of Engineering, in which it was held in the Laboratory of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Engineering Faculty. The workshop began with a welcoming speech by Engineer Bashar Nazih on the significance of innovation in all sectors of engineering and design, in addition to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory being located in the Engineering Faculty, in which will aid in the process of making 3D models to come up with a visible physical product that simulates factual circumstances. After that, Engineer Tariq Khreisat presented a detailed explanation to the students about the mechanism of the 3D printer, the design programs for the printer and the fundamental steps to obtain the final product. It is worth noting that this workshop was aimed to enhance cooperation between the two faculties in the scientific and research fields.

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