23 April 2024

A Student Delegation from the Rule of Law Club at AAU Visits the House of Representatives

A delegation from the Rule of Law Club at AAU visited the Jordanian House of Representatives, where they met with the Chairman of the Legal Committee, His Excellency Deputy Dr. Ghazi Al-Thneibat, along with other committee members including His Excellency Deputy Suleiman Al-Qallab and His Excellency Deputy Mohammad Al-Halalat on Monday, April 22, 2024. Accompanied by Dr. Ihab Rayyan, a faculty member of the Faculty of Law and advisor to the Rule of Law Club, and Mr. Mohammad Al-Lozi, supervisor of student activities and clubs at the Deanship of Student Affairs, the student delegation listened to Dr. Ghazi Al-Thneibat explain the legislative stages a law undergoes in the House of Representatives and the constitutional procedures it follows until its enactment. The Chairman of the Legal Committee also discussed the tasks entrusted to the committee, which include studying bill proposals related to the constitution, general elections, civil and criminal legislation, rights, courts, judicial organization, judicial agreements, execution laws, nationality, and general amnesty. He emphasized the importance of encouraging Jordanian youth and political parties to engage in political and party life, highlighting that laws regarding elections and parties have been enacted, reserving seats for youth and women. Dr. Ihab Rayyan, advisor to the Rule of Law Club, expressed gratitude on behalf of AAU, represented by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Maher Al-Hourani, University President Prof. Sari Hamdan, Vice President and Dean of the Faculty of Law Professor Mosleh Al-Tarawneh, Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Mustafa Al-Attiyat, all faculty, administrative staff, and students to the House of Representatives, its President, and the members of the Legal Committee for their warm reception and their interest in ensuring the success of the visit, and for their interaction with the delegation, praising the significant legislative achievements made in recent years. In a related context, Dr. Rayyan emphasized the university's interest in departing from traditional educational methods by conducting field activities aimed at equipping youth with knowledge and awareness, and familiarizing them with national achievements so they can positively contribute to the public scene. He noted that this visit, organized by the Rule of Law Club, was intended to familiarize club members with the legislative stages that a law undergoes until its enactment. Samer Ghadayerah, President of the Rule of Law Club and a student at the Faculty of Law, thanked the House of Representatives and the Legal Committee for this fruitful meeting, which broadened the student delegation's understanding of the legislative chamber's tasks and the national role it plays.

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